Using Modifications for Pain and Injury Free Workouts!

Using Modifications for Pain and Injury Free Workouts!

One thing that makes Kaia unique, (one of many things!) is our ability to help you tune into your body and know what it needs during your workouts. Many of us need modifications due to past injuries, limited range of motion, bad knees/hips/joints etc. Personally, as a coach, I celebrate when someone in my class modifies. Why? Because they are listening to what their body needs to keep going in class, taking care of themselves, and still getting an amazing workout. Self-love is always worth celebrating.

Sometimes it can be intimidating or confusing when trying to modify. Let’s go over some simple modifications that can be used for most of our exercises at Kaia:

Shoulders and wrists:

It can take some time to build up the strength to put your full body weight on your shoulders and wrists. Most exercises can be done from the wall or a box. Burpees, push-ups, squat thrusts, and most shoulder or wrist bearing exercises. On the wall, you want to be sure you are still in that perfect plank position. Coming up on to your tiptoes will help you engage your glutes and core.

On a box, your range of motion for a push-up may be limited, but that’s okay, you’re still building muscle and getting stronger. Again, you want your body to be in that perfect plank position- hips not to high, or too low.

Knees and hips:

If you are feeling pain in your joints it’s very important to have proper alignment with your knees over your heels in any squat or lunge. Things like skaters, curtsey lunges, and front lunges can be difficult on sensitive hips and knees. Modify to ½ squats or back lunges going only ½ way down. You will still get the benefit of these great exercises without compromising your joints.

Use the TRX!

The TRX bands are a great way to challenge your strength without putting a lot of impact on your joints. They can be used for push-ups, skier abs, and plank jacks. If you feel like you need a bigger challenge than a normal modification, ask your coach how the TRX can help you!

As always, if you are experiencing pain during any exercise please let your coach know so we can help you get the best workout and to keep going pain and injury free. Because we want you to crush it until you’re 100!




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