5 Strategies for Creating Habits To Reach Your Goals

Hi Ladies! Coach Angela here to talk about ways we can reach our goals. As we know, Brik is all about goals. What’s great about Brik is that it’s so individualized. Your goals for Brik can be as challenging as you want them to be. From just getting to a certain number of classes a week, to losing that last stubborn 10lbs, to eating more vegetables.

Goals are the great, and we need them to give us something to work toward as a reward for all of our hard work, but goals are not effective at all unless we make the small habits each day to get us there.

Building these habits is what this blog is all about. Let look at some strategies:

  1. Your Brik Manual: Don’t just skim past the goal setting part of your manual on the way to the meal plan. Give yourself 20 min, and really read what it has to say about goals and setting them.

  2. Write them down, or even just one to start. You don’t have to print it out, maybe just write it on a post-it note to stick on your bathroom mirror or in your car. Make your goal visible to yourself every day.

  3. Once you have an attainable S.M.A.R.T. Goal (If you read your manual, you know what I mean!)  written down, break that goal into what it will take to get you there. Let’s take a simple one like drinking 70oz of water every day. You will have to first get a water bottle that you like or maybe two. You may have to get a good filtration system to make sure you have water you like drinking. You may have to buy lemons, cucumber, or mint to infuse your water with. Etc…

  4. Set up your habit so you don’t have to rely on willpower. For the water example again, you need to prep. You will have to wash and cut your infusion fruit, you will have to wash your water bottle. It sounds simple, but this is probably the most powerful step in making and keeping good habits. *TANGENT WARNING* Kaia FIT Founder,  Nikki Warren says that willpower is a very short resource. Why? Because we make so many little tiny decisions everyday that deplete our willpower. Without being aware of this fact, it makes creating good habits very difficult. I mean think about it--how many little tiny decisions do you have to make before you even make it out of the door in the morning? What to wear, how to wear your hair, what jewelry to wear, what to eat for breakfast, what shoes to wear, the best route to avoid traffic. All of these little tiny decisions deplete your willpower over the course of time. It’s a lot of mental energy to expend on just little things. So by the time you get to setting yourself a new habit, sometimes your willpower has already been depleted--and you reach for the chips. But you can do something about this! At the end of each day, set up the next day. Set out your clothes, pack your meals, fill your water bottle. This way there is no thinking about it the next day, it’s predetermined.

  5. Hold yourself accountable. The best way to do this is have a friend who is trying to set up the same or similar habits. Focusing on someone else's success helps you be successful--and happy through the process. Your coaches are your biggest resource as well. Let us know your goals and we will check in with you. My personal favorite accountability tool is called “Win the Day” adapted from Andy Frisella (@andyfrisella). It’s very simple. You get a small notebook and every day you write 3-5 new habits-not your goals-that will get you to your goals. At the end of every day, you check them off or not. If you check all of your new habits then you write “WIN” over the whole page. After 21 days, if one of those items has actually become a habit or you hit your overall goal, you can remove it off of the list. This is great because after a while you can look back at how many consecutive days of wins and losses you have. I do this as I prep for my next day.

Hopefully these are some good tools to get you through Brik and I can’t WAIT to see your progress over the next six weeks. You started Brik and even that is a step in the right direction you can be proud of.


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