Kaia Fit Santa Rosa, CA: Heather Dunn

Before Kaia I did go to the gym and took the same spin class and weight training class. I was at my heaviest weight and my largest clothing size in my life. I have always been a fit person. I taught aerobics in my early 20's, made sure that I continued to maintain my fitness level throughout my 20's and early 30's. I was a single mom the whole time, who was strong, determined, independent, and goal driven. Never have I felt weak or dependent on anyone. UNTIL I had my littles. 

There is something different about having kids in your mid-thirties compared to your teenage years. I just could not seem to get back into shape. I felt weak, tired all the time, sloppy, depressed, dependent on my husband to do things that I could do in my 20's (such as fix the sink or toilet, change the oil in my car or the car battery). I hated that!! I just did not have the drive or the energy to be the woman I was before the littles came, and I hated it. 

I decided in August 2016 that I was going to start putting my self first sometimes, and get back into the lifestyle that I felt good about. So I decided to try Kaia for the first time. I only intended on doing the 2 week trial, but here I am almost a year later. I could have easily made so many excuses for not joining Kaia. The biggest one is that it is too expensive. I thought about that excuse for several days, and then I decided that I spend so much money on my Kids (mainly Lehua's gymnastics) that I deserve to spend a little bit of money every month on something that I need and want. So I joined. 

I feel so good about my rediscovery of the woman that I am. I have gained so much strength emotionally and physically. And my Kaia sisters are the reasons I keep coming back. They support me, encourage me to be my best, and challenge me to push myself to the max. We are a 5am family!! and I love all of them!!

I also want to say that I have not lost ANY weight this past year, but I have lost about 12 inches over all!! And I feel toned and strong. I also am down 2 sizes!!!

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